Nace Partners

Marketing website redesign for one of the New York City's top speciaty recruiting firms.



Nace Partners, a boutique recruiting firm specializing in connecting companies with highly specialized talent, approached us for a brand refresh and a website redesign that could authentically convey their brand's values and personality.


Retain the existing logo while infusing Nace Partners' brand with added personality to make it truly distinctive and unique.


Sketch / Illustrator / InVision / After Effect


Research / Visual Design / Branding / Quality Assurance / Usability Testing

Team (Studio Simpatico)

UI / UX Designer Me
Visual Designer Me

UX Lead Tamara Olson
Design Director Bruce Viemeister


1 month

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01 Research / Discovery

Our Specialty lies in recruiters with similar backgrounds who excel at identifying the right talent.


During the visual exploration phase, taking into account the client's preferences, the primary target audience for Nace Partners is founders and hiring teams. Their unique selling point in the industry lies in their team of recruiters who share similar backgrounds, enabling them to effectively convey clients' stories and attract personnel who align with their distinct profiles.

Target Users

Their primary target audience comprises founders, venture capitalists, hiring managers, and HR departments. However, they also aim to attract talent from the industry.


02 Brand Identities

Dynamic and Playful building blocks

Visual Direction

Based on Nace Partners' brand keywords of "transparent, human first, concierge-like white glove," we have formulated three distinct brand directions: "concierge, curated, and confident."


03 Website Design

"The website will serve as the cornerstone of our brand foundation as we expand our marketing efforts."

Visual Treatment

Confident and bold
We've employed a bolder sans-serif font to enhance the concierge service, and we're extending these building blocks to craft Nace Partner's brand voice.

Logo Iteration

We love the playfulness, but memorized is a key
We initially appreciated the playful logo design for Nace Partners, featuring dynamic building blocks that transformed upon entering their website. However, we recognized that this approach might diminish their brand impression, so we decided to revert to one static logo.